Kyle Coberly

Software Engineering Coach

Why Johnny Can't Code: An Evening of Rants About Education With Kyle Coberly

How do you learn to program? How do you learn anything? Kyle has been teaching for 19 years, and has taught software engineering to over 600 people in Denver. From debunking learning styles to why you should stop obsessing over "the fundamentals", Kyle will answer questions and challenge the things you think you know about technology education.

This talk will be in "Lean Coffee" format, meaning that the audience will control the discussion in real time.




  • Kyle presenting
  • Kyle presenting
  • Audience
  • Education Manifesto
  • Dreyfuss Model
  • Brains
  • Linear disciplines
  • Linear math curriculum
  • Neural networks
  • Neuromyths
  • Rich vs. linear thinking
  • A better fullstack curriculum
  • Topic ghettos