Kyle Coberly

Educator, business dork, agile product engineer

Let’s make the web!

I’m here to create, enjoy life, and empower others to do the same.

I’m currently the executive director of Develop Denver and a Lead Instructor at Flatiron School. I was previously the co-host of the Sprint UX podcast and the faculty director for Galvanize’s software education programs in Denver.

I was once (accurately) described as “that Linux user no one gives a shit about.” I love the Denver Broncos, stand-up comedy, and ska music.

Kyle Coberly



Stuff I Recently Wrote

  • Why Johnny Can't Code: An Evening of Rants About Education With Kyle Coberly

    How do you learn to program? How do you learn anything? Kyle has been teaching for 19 years, and has taught software engineering to over 600 people in Denver. From debunking learning styles to why you should stop obsessing over "the fundamentals", Kyle will answer questions and challenge the things you think you know about technology education.

  • What I Learned From A Week of Shitposting on LinkedIn

    A week ago, I started writing satirical LinkedIn posts that made fun of the kind of self-congratulatory, over-the-top, outright terrible advice and affirmations that make up a typical LinkedIn feed. I would scroll through my feed, make note of some ridiculous things I saw, and write a stream-of-consciousness send-up of it.

    Thinking guy