• Galvanize WDI

    Galvanize Web Development

    I currently manage a team of 13 instructors and oversee 100+ full-time immersive students. In addition, I supervise several company-wide curriculum projects and teach full-stack development and the Agile For Executives course.

  • Sprint UX Podcast

    Sprint UX Podcast

    Since 2016, I've co-hosted and produced a weekly podcast about UX, design, and tech news.

  • Minerva


    Ember.js, PHP, Contentful

    Minerva was an ambitious online learning platform that supported multiple learning modes and highly interactive activities. I was in charge of engineering this platform, which included UI & API development, CMS integration, auth, analytics, and interactive functionality. Additionally, I assisted on the instructional design and media production of the first six courses built for the platform.

  • Nursing Neighborhood

    Nursing Neighborhood

    PHP, MySQL

    The Neighborhood is an innovative online virtual community that enables nursing students to achieve a deep understanding of total patient care. I was responsible for client- and server-side development, database design and implementation, high-availability infrastructure, auth, and platform integration. It supports up to 15,000 users and has generated over $900,000 in revenue.