• Large group stand-up

    Galvanize Web Development

    JavaScript, Node.js, Ember, Vue, PostgreSQL, Mongodb, Cypress, Mocha, Chai, Supertest, AWS, *NIX, OBS, D3, HTML/CSS, Java, Knex

    I have managed Galvanize's software education programs in Denver since 2015. Our flagship product, the Web Development Immersive, is an outcomes-based transformative education experience. We have helped over 500 students find new careers in software development, and generated around $10 million with a 75% margin. My responsibilities include:

    • Leading and managing a team of 13 instructors and overseeing 100+ full-time immersive students at a time
    • Teaching full-stack web development
    • Designing and maintaining our Learning Management System and staff analytics tools
    • Comprehensive curriculum development, including writing standards, aligned assessments, and scaffolded exercises
    • Writing and teaching an Agile For Executives course
    • Publicly representing Galvanize, including at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2016 with the talk "Progressive Web Apps are the future."
  • Stripe integration

    Web App Kitchen Sink

    Vue, Express, Github API, Cypress, Mocha, Supertest

    The Web App Kitchen Sink is an ongoing project to document web app API integrations and design patterns. It features working examples coupled with self-annotated code.

  • simple-sheets NPM module

    Simple Sheets

    Node.js, Google Sheets API, Mocha

    Simple sheets is an open source NPM module to improve the ergonomics of Google's sheets API. It's designed to enable the use of Sheets as a lite database that's easy to prototype with and edit. It has a very intuitive interface for reading, writing, adding, clearing, and seeding rows of data.

  • Meetup presentation

    Denver Ember.js Meetup

    I organized the Denver Ember.js meetup for 3 years. During that time, I hosted 33 meetup events for 809 people. In addition to a regular line-up of great guest speakers, we also held open source contribution nights, a separate beginner's track, and annual trips to Portland for EmberConf. I built a vibrant community and a strong team of co-organizers who maintain the meetup now.

  • Kyle, Michael, and Cody

    Sprint UX Podcast

    Since 2016, I've co-hosted and produced a weekly podcast about UX, design, and tech news.

  • Modal LMS


    Ember, PHP, Contentful

    Minerva was an ambitious online learning platform that supported multiple learning modes and highly interactive activities. I was in charge of engineering this platform, which included UI & API development, CMS integration, auth, analytics, and interactive functionality. Additionally, I assisted on the instructional design and media production of the first six courses built for the platform.

  • Nursing Neighborhood navigation

    Nursing Neighborhood

    PHP, MySQL

    The Neighborhood is an innovative online virtual community that enables nursing students to achieve a deep understanding of total patient care. I was responsible for client- and server-side development, database design and implementation, high-availability infrastructure, auth, and platform integration. It supports up to 15,000 users and has generated over $900,000 in revenue.