Kyle Coberly

Educator, business dork, software developer

Let’s make the web!

I’m here to create, enjoy life, and empower others to do the same.

I’m currently the executive director of Develop Denver, the co-host of the Sprint UX podcast, and the Technical Lead for Health Scholars, a clinical education startup.

I was previously the faculty director for Galvanize’s software education programs in Denver, a skunkworks developer for Pearson Education, Director of Instruction for My Music Skool, and a regional manager for a musical instruments marketing firm.

I hold a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management degree from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, as well as degrees from the Art Institue of Seattle and Bellevue College.

I was once (accurately) described as “that Linux user no one gives a shit about.” I love the Denver Broncos, stand-up comedy, and ska music.

Kyle Coberly

Some Things I Believe

  • People learn concrete-to-abstract, not abstract-to-concrete
  • Content delivery is not the same thing as education
  • Work can and should be meaningful and fun
  • Tired people do bad work
  • Agility is a way of life
  • Plans engender a false sense of security
  • Design is an engineering task, not an artistic one