Let’s Make The Web!

I’m here to create, enjoy life, and empower others to do the same.

I currently serve as the Faculty Director for Galvanize’s software education programs in Denver. Previously, I was a skunkworks developer for Pearson Education, Director of Instruction for My Music Skool, and a regional marketing manager for a musical instruments marketing firm.

Outside of work, I co-host the Sprint UX Podcast, and I organized the Denver Ember meetup from 2015 to 2018. I’m also an adminstrator for Denver Devs, one of the largest community Slack groups in the world.


I hold a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management degree from the University of Colorado, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, as well as degrees from the Art Institue of Seattle, and Bellevue College. Additionally, I’m a StrongLoop Certified Node Developer, a Certified Database Specialist, and Certified Master Information Systems Analyst.

I’m particularly wonky about management & leadership, relational data modeling, agile, and vim. I was once (accurately) described as “that Linux user no one gives a shit about.” I love the Broncos, stand-up comedy, and ska music.


Some things I believe

  • People learn concrete-to-abstract, not abstract-to-concrete
  • Content delivery and teaching are not the same thing
  • Work can and should be meaningful and fun
  • You can teach someone a skill, but you can’t teach them to care
  • Tired people do bad work
  • Agility is a way of life
  • Plans give people a false sense of security
  • Design is an engineering task, not an artistic one